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Techno Roll    
  Trust Zeta
  It has been said that achieving stable and high quality UV printing
  is difficult while maintaining the quick-drying feature. To overcome this issue,
  we developed “TRUST ZETA”, a UV resin roller compatible with both general
  and high sensitive UV ink, which enabled excellent quality UV printing.
  This product can be used in various printing markets due to its compatibility
  for use in both UV and conventional printing with its improved durability meeting
  the customer’s demands. We continue to improve TRUST ZETA
  based on customer’s feedback regarding any issues or concerns.
  We continuously supply the best satisfaction and printing quality to our customers
  with TRUST ZETA.
  Hardness range : 20-50 Shore A
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  Trust Lambda
  TRUST LAMBDA is a special resin dampening roller for UV off-set printing. 
  TRUST LAMBDA has excellent hydrophilicity, less swelling, and less 
  shrinkage performance.
  In addition to solvent resistance, TRUST LAMBDA keeps excellent wet-
  condition on roller surface with high hydro-philic property which enable to 
  have accurate dot reproduction. Therefore you can make stable supply of 
  water without making rough treatment on roller surface.
  TRUST LAMBDA is used as standard dampening rollers for major printing 
  Hardness range : 20-40 Shore A
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  Hickey Sweeper
  Hickey & Ghost Removing Roll
  Your best Choice for Removing Dust and Eliminating Ghosting !!
  It certainly takes away the trouble of removing dust and ghosting.
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  Clean Dash
  CLEAN DASH HAND ROLLER is used to remove dust from small products 
  or remove dust from part of workpiece manually.
  CLEAN DASH HAND ROLLER is used for testing its “use effect” before 
  design “CLEAN DASH Unit” or “DUST HUNTER”
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